Saturday, December 17, 2011

Reflections on A Year; the ups and downs

I am sitting snug in front of the beautifully lit tree, and enjoying my family; the kids home from college. After a busy holiday show season, I'm ready to hibernate (craftwise) for the next two weeks.
2011 was an eventful year for me and my family. One family member suffered a devastating illness, and is still recovering. Another is continuing cancer treatment. My parents sold their house and moved into an apartment. It's been busy and stressful and sad and scary and I'm thankful to shut down this year. I am looking toward better days.
On a positive note, I have enjoyed and am thankful for the time we have together. Since my nest is pretty empty, it was a good yea to have some work done around the house. We had some much needed bath tile repaired, and I painted and updated 2 bathrooms and a laundry room. Our house sure needs a perk me up every decade!
I have had a great year creatively, and highlight the Inspired. Art Event with my best girls, and learned some pretty great techniques and projects. Going on an Art Retreat is such a joy and makes me happy and excited to create!
The Art/craft shows I particpated in this year were pretty successful; I think the economy is picking up a little, and I keep making adjustments to display and application photos.
By joining the CMMAG a few years ago, I have been blessed to meet some great, fun, smart, creative and sharing women; and gain motivation at every 'meeting of the minds'
So as I prepare for my Winter Solstice vacation, I can reflect on the past year, and honestly say the good was pretty great, and as bad as the bad was, it was less bad because of the family and very supportive friends I am so very lucky to have. You know who you are ;) After Christmas Day and all the flurry of busy-ness is over, I will sit down and write up a list for myself to outline some goals for 2012 I've been thinking about. I don't want to call it a New Years resolution list, because I never keep those, so I'll just go with 2012 business goals!
I wish everyone a most Happy Christmas and wonderful, creative, Happy New Year!