Friday, May 22, 2009

Treasures don't come in chests, they come in the mail!

I love a good package! There is nothing better than walking down to the mailbox and finding a package with craft supplies waiting for me. Two days in a row; my Mom would call that a "Lucky Strike Extra"! I am going to spend part of this weekend making some of those popular glass tile pedants that have papers glued on from the back, and silver pendant bails. They are sooo cute and I want several for me! Plus my studio table is pretty clean and organized for once. I have been thinking maybe some with vintage dictionary text, some with art glitter, and some with old photos I have been wanting to use. I hope to also finally construct my lightbox (what a procrastinator I have been). There may also be a few garage sales in my future if I get out of bed early enough. I would love to restock my supplies of scrabble tiles, watches, buttons, etc.
I love stuff!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Time management has gone awry!

Well, It's been a long time since I've posted. How the times gets by me so fast, I will never understand. Maybe when the kids are on their own I will have all the time in the world (doubtful, I am a world class procrastinator!)
I have finished the custom soldered collages; and the pictures are coming soon! I was pleased with the results; and so was the recipient! I enjoyed the process of putting someone's memories behind glass for safekeeping, and thanks go out to my friend Peggy for putting her trust in me to do her family memories justice!
The charm exchange. Well, the charms have been exchanged, and they are SO cute! I would love to do another just so I can have some more; I am going to put them on a bracelet so they can make lots of noise and attract all sorts of attention!!! I thank the Displaced Design Team (Lauren, Lynn, and Christine) for all their effort and creativity. Speaking of that, they were away this weekend at the Inspired Art event this weekend. They had a wonderful time, and said they would share what they learned. I am going next year, no matter what. I need to be Inspired!
Now I am moving forward. I have one show left for the spring season, this Sunday. I will be running my booth at the Bluegrass Festival in Cary; I guess I will discover if I like Bluegrass haha. Then I am on to preparing for Lazy Daze and working in earnest on my Etsy site. I took the photography class, and I am itching to use what I learned.