Friday, May 22, 2009

Treasures don't come in chests, they come in the mail!

I love a good package! There is nothing better than walking down to the mailbox and finding a package with craft supplies waiting for me. Two days in a row; my Mom would call that a "Lucky Strike Extra"! I am going to spend part of this weekend making some of those popular glass tile pedants that have papers glued on from the back, and silver pendant bails. They are sooo cute and I want several for me! Plus my studio table is pretty clean and organized for once. I have been thinking maybe some with vintage dictionary text, some with art glitter, and some with old photos I have been wanting to use. I hope to also finally construct my lightbox (what a procrastinator I have been). There may also be a few garage sales in my future if I get out of bed early enough. I would love to restock my supplies of scrabble tiles, watches, buttons, etc.
I love stuff!

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