Saturday, September 1, 2012

settling in...

After an extremely busy summer (where DID the time go?) I am settling in. The college boys have gone back, their rooms neat, tidy and fumigated (and quiet). I am settling in to the usual quiet of just my husband and me; easy laundry stacks and easy dinners. I am also settling in to my retail homes. Getting the hang of what they want at NOFO; and I've been in there restocking some items. I love this store; they have a real cute selection of handmade local goods and foods, as well as the unusal, fun and cool! There is some settling in at the Carolina Artists Colony in Sanford. If you haven't been, you need to go. Nine rooms loaded with handcrafted goodness. You need a few trips through to see everything, and then a few more. My booth at the Colony has moved to a new room, and has been restyled a bit. That along with a few new items :) I always love the beginning of a new school year, more like a new year to me than January One. Time to settle in to a hopefully cooler climate, and having some artful adventures coming up with the CMMAG. Having a routine is very settling to me; something the summer has always lacked. Love this time of year!

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