Monday, June 29, 2009

The Lightbox is Ready!

The lightbox is built! A free box from BJ's, some clear packing tape, a yard of plastic table cover runner (white), and a box cutter! I spent about 50 cents on the white poster board to make a seamless background. So I spent about an hour in the making, and fired it up out in the back yard. It was sunny and perfect to test it out. I took pictures for 2 listings on Etsy, which I actually already edited and posted! Many thanks to Jane from Ornamentea for all the great tips I got from her photo class I took in March. She is very talented at the technical end as well as making some awesome jewelry :)
I had a small show this past weekend at Downtown Live in Moore Square. Let it suffice to say, not every venue will be a success. BUT, you never know until you try. My friend Julie helped and kept me company. Trust me, it took a very good friend to do this!!!
Check out my Etsy site to see the glass tile and scrabble tile pendants I just listed, let me know what you think. I think I have figured out the computer part, so I will be listing more items very soon.


  1. Is there a link to your etsy shop somewhere here on your blog? If there is I sure can't find it! Good luck with it!

  2. Thanks, Debbie! I added my website link to my blog. I never thought of doing that! You are a busy lady, I want to see you soon!