Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting down to business...

Now is a great time for getting my studio ready for the Holiday Season Shows. I'm trying to clean and reorganize for prodution time. I did de stash by bringing a bagful to the CMMAG meeting at Scrap Exchange last week. It was a fun event, making ATC'S for the Art of Carolinas in November. I had never made an ATC before! Mini Art! Everyone in the group is super nice.

I have some work to do before October--Charm swap, and I have the perfect raw material to make mine! Old bus tokens from Springfield, Mass. Always go to the flea market when you ned something. I also am starting the AOC challenge canvas this week, I do better with a deadline, and this one is coming up!

Stop out sometime and visit Imaginese Gifts in Cary! This is an awesome store/gallery that has recently started to carry my glass and scrabble tile pendants. Owner Andrea has a huge seletion of unique jewelry, home gifts, and Art of all kinds. She is located at Stonecreek Village on High House Rd. between Davis and 55.

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  1. I'm glad you came to the Scrap Exchange and enjoyed yourself, Donna! Like you, my first time making an ATC was at our CMMAG event last year. They were not really my "thing," but still fun. 'Can't wait to see your charms next month!