Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Block

Hello, Blog. It's been awhile. I'm a little ashamed how out of touch we've been. A bit of discipline is all I need. Since i've never been a journal keeper, it's still tough to sit down and bang out a blog entry. I never had a pink diary with a tiny key to hold my secret thoughts. I am much more of a list maker than a writer.
1.Graduation is approaching for my youngest son. Plan the party.
2.Think about whether I will tear up or just be happy at the Grad ceremony.
3.Plan the trip to said son's college for overnight orientation. Will I cry?
4.Find a few craft shows to apply for; the blow to my ego from being rejected by
Lazy Daze still stings a little.
5.Finally decide on a color for the powder room and paint it. It's not gonna happen
on it's own.
6.Website. Do it. Enough said.

Maybe I should have been saving my lists all these years. Looking at my to do lists does allow me to look at what's going on in my life when I read between the lines.
My Blog may need to adapt to a laundry list rather than a composition.
Let's see how this works...


  1. I think you just unblocked yourself! :) Love the idea of lists as blog posts.

  2. You know, I think a list works better for me. Although I did spend an hour listing a new item on my website yesterday, and then lost it before it posted. Arrgghh! I'll try when I'm in a patient mood.