Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inspiration Rejuvenation

As I sit typing this, I have ideas whirling around in my head!
I have a clean slate craft table in the studio. Haven't started a thing since the holidays.But a short step back from things provided me with a creative spark I desperately needed.
A 'whirlwind' trip overnight with likeminded art f(r)iends to Sanford NC was just the shot in the arm I needed to get started in 2011! Not one, but TWO very fun classes, a shopping trip to the Fiberfest, and a silly night of laughing was refreshing to my soul! Thanks, Girls :)
So now I am back home with the most beautiful pile of sari ribbon sitting on my table; impatiently waiting to be snipped up be my scissors! I have plans to incorporate these gorgeous threads into my Journals.
Jane Powell has also got me thinking about collage in a new way; I have some new ideas to experiment with. I'm looking forward to beating the winter doldrums by getting down to business with my new supplies and rejuvenated Art*Spark.
Bring it on, 2011. Now I'm ready!


  1. YAY! SO glad that in addition to a big, fun time you were able to refuel your creative tank with our ever so brief artful outing this weekend :-) I, too, had a most loverly time with The Gang of Four and our other artsy buds! There is something quite magical about the creative process, in and of itself; but it becomes something even more amazing/powerful when shared with like minded souls... I'm with you, girlie, "Bring it on, 2011!"

  2. I agree; I love playing with others; I think one builds on the others' ideas, and seeing everyone else's take on the same project always amazes me.