Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring is in the (F)Air

So now we sit and wait; and hopefully it will be in the craft room!
Most applications are in; need to get 2 more by the weekend.

This is always such a hard time for me; after the applications go out in the mail, I sit back, wait, and obsess. "Will I get in", "why didn't I get in?", "Oh, goody, I'm in!" It's like this every year; and I should be over any lingering insecurity; but when the envelope comes in the mail, it's like waiting for a college acceptance. Is it the thin letter of rejection, or the fat packet of success!?!

But meanwhile, I have plenty to do to boost my inventory. I am loving creating my journals; and a recent trip to the Reader's Corner has supplied me with 2 grocery bags full of supply and inspiration. If no one knows this place, it's on the corner of Hillsborough and Rosemary. The books outside are 10 or 25 cents! Perfect for the mixed media artist. I love these guys, and shopping at an independant makes me happy:) This latest trip was on Sunday; after going to the NC Fairgrounds to the Wake Library sale. After navigating the crowded lots, I got to the building and found a long line of would-be readers stretched around the building! I think I ended up with the better deal; no lines no waiting!


  1. I would love to see some pics of those journal pages Ms. Donna. My friend Jen will love living in that area with all your creative gals; There is so much to do and she will be a great addition to CMMAG as soon as she settles in.

  2. Jane, I will take some pictures this weekend and post them on Facebook! When will your friend Jen be coming? She's coming to the right group!