Sunday, March 29, 2009

Custom Work~The Upside

I am in the midst of making 3 custom soldered glass collage frames for a friend of mine. There is a combination of scrapbooking and collage behind soldered glass. When they are done, each will hang by a silver chain with ribbons/fibers hanging from the chain. These are so pretty, and having someone share the personal story behind the content is humbling. I always hope when I make a custom piece that it's what the person has envisioned. I appreciate how people put their trust in me to do their item justice.
I never know how something is going to turn out when I start; I just start pulling papers, stamps, etc. out from drawers and boxes. As I begin, things always just seem to fall into place, and then I remember "just the right" paper or embellishment to add.
There will be a picture to follow when I finish; I'll see if my friend minds her frames on public display.
It is time to buy a new tiny-point tip for the soldering iron, I dropped mine and it's now in the shape of a fishing hook! OOps.s


  1. Hi Donna! Lauren told me you started a blog and an etsy shop. Good for you! I just thought I'd stop by and say hi, and remind you that I LOVE your work! Looking forward to getting together soon, take care,
    Debbie Altman

  2. Debbie! Thanks for stopping by; I was looking at your blog; very nice. I need to polish my blogging skills. I just go out there and start doing it; I love yours! You have been busy with Art. Lauren said you're doing good, I would love to get together, and craft, or whatever...Donna :)