Saturday, March 21, 2009

Designer's Downtown Market~Chilly, but successful!

My show today was pretty darn good; cold in the morning (why is it this cold on the second day of spring in NC?) but a great show. Coffe and crepes had free refills on delicious coffee, yay!
This was my first time at this show, and it was enjoyable seeing vendors and their goods that I've never seen before.
I even had a little time to practice photographing my work inside the tent, since the light was right. Too bad I'm too tired to download the pictures tonight! Need to take all those Etsy pictures.
As long as my trusty assistant manager came to help today (my sister Lauren), I felt as though I should do my part for the economy and do a little shopping. I found a few cute photos at Stacey's trunk show inside Ornamentea, some tiny glass bevels, and a beautiful heart pendant from Isabels Rose that I needed.
Now to take a few days off before I think about the next show. I'm sure I'll be feverishly working up until the night before, as always.

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