Monday, September 13, 2010

Work and Play

I just spent a creative fun Sunday afternoon with fellow Guild members; learning some awesome background techniques and ATC patterns. Now to make some artful ATCs for the Art of Carolinas. the CMMAG will be hosting a make and take ATC room during the AOC.
Now, after a weekend full of fun, football, and college kids, the list must be made.

1. Make a master list for the BazaarSpark show on Saturday. (Downtown Raleigh 10-5)

2. Repack inventory and update table signs.

3. Finish up last minute projects, hopefully by midweek(do NOT spend Friday night

feverishly crafting) haha

4. Be ready to pick up my younger child from school Friday afternoon, and take the

other one out to lunch while I'm in Greenville :)

5. Take photos of inventory to use on Etsy. I love my camera.

If I could only set up a work schedule and stick to it...I think I need to actually write it down in PEN, not pencil. How did I get so much more done when the kids were little and I worked night shift? I like to think it's not getting older.

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